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Phone: Sydney, Australia
0467 541 281
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DC3 music demo
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Jordan likes making a loud noise through his instrument. Fortunately for all concerned we all love it!

Singing and playing sax at the same time can be tricky so Bella does both beautifully one at a time.

Having 88 black and white keys to choose from can be confusing but Darryl has the belief that if he keeps moving his fingers all will be well.

Rock solid bass man Mark secretly knows that without him we all fall in a heap.

John is living the dream pumping out the rhythm, but has visions of coming back in another life as a harmonica player!

"I love your gigs Darryl. Most excellent entertainment, and so much fun on a Friday night. Even though we live 800 kilometres apart I can enjoy a live show put on by Darryl and his friends live on Face Book every fortnight. To see such skill is an absolute delight."

Suzanne B   QLD

"Sitting on my couch in Melbourne, I was bopping away to the Friday night gig.

Excellent musicians, terrific tunes snd fantastic fun!!"

Andrew W   Melbourne VIC

“Friday night was awesome, I loved it, as did my friends. Cheers for a great performance.”

Daniel H   Sydney NSW


“Last night was fantastic, an amazing performance and a great crowd.”

Jane S   Sydney NSW


“You sounded awesome last night elcapitan”

Will D   Sydney NSW

"You guys were amazing! We all loved your music and will be back for more!"

Belinda P   Sydney NSW

"God ...the band is sounding so tight and energetic 

Your sax player is phenomenal and loved as always hearing your keys"

Fiona G   Sydney NSW

"Your album originals were sensational where can I get a copy?

Paul P  Sydney NSW

"We loved your Jazz.  Had a great night."

Sonia V  Sydney NSW

"It was a great night, we all thoroughly enjoyed the show"

Alan S  Sydney NSW

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Over 40 tunes

including all time favourites

Watermelon Man

Don't Mean A Thing

Green Dolphin St

Night In Tunisia

C jam blues


plus many more interesting &

quirky arrangements of

well known pop tunes