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Phone: Sydney, Australia
0467 541 281

The simplest and least expensive way to showcase your talent is to record with just vocal and a single accompanying instrument eg. piano or guitar.


You do all your rehearsing at home and simply record what you like on the day. Bring along to the studio a photo you are happy with and a simple web presence can be set up to help promote your music.


Sometimes there is a need for a more polished approach to recording. Darryl is a multi-instrumentalist and can arrange your song in the style you wish.


Other professional musicians can be hired if required. This session will bring your song up to broadcast standard. Before committing to a full CD project it is suggested you have one of your songs produced to give you an idea of what is possible.


Once you’ve gained confidence in the process you may wish to embark on that “dream project” - recording a complete CD showcasing your talents at it's very best.


This can be done over a few weeks, or spread out over a longer period idepending on your commitments and budget.

Click here for an audio sample from a 3 hour session (all instruments arranged & performed by Darryl Chute)


Song written and performed by Eloise Gibbs

"Way beyond my expectations. 

The high light has to be in the last chorus when you cut loose, fantastic.

I'm so very grateful for all your passion and work you put into the song."


Grant Nisbet  May 2016

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