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The Cormorant

FOUNTAINHEAD |  Tel: Sydney, Australia (02) 9398 7375

Fountainhead can create simple but effective
youtube clips to help promote your music.
World Rugby Song
Our Hymns
Vegas Nerve - Fine Line
Vegas Nerve - Lila CD
Whispering Grass
Whispering Grass
Smart White Folk
Peace By Piece - kids
Peace By Piece - Mike
Another Teardrop - Mike
Spinning Around
The Sport of Kings
Alison the musical
Alison the musical
Vegas Nerve - live
We Don't Have To Talk
A Dangerous Game
Missing You
Six Degrees
Fountainhead Recording
Fun Piano Lessons
Can't Wait til Christmas Day
Piano Chords Series
Blue Sky City
Alison the musical
Graeme Clark - vihuela