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Phone: Sydney, Australia
0467 541 281
Fountainhead can create simple but effective
youtube clips to help promote your music.

A piano sample from the studio

Humanity - MC2 yeah yeah

Theme for Jana - Darryl Chute

The Butterfly Song - Darryl Chute

My Hero (Devonian Ancestor) - Don & Caroline

Our Friend Barbra - Wendy & Darryl

Calling Sandra - Darryl Chute

Our Hymns 2022 - Grant Nisbet
Yard by Yard by Dan McVey & Darryl Chute 
The Red Thread - Don & Caroline
A Collection of Dad's Poems - Richard Giles 
One More Chance by Trishaa 
City Girl With A Country Heart - sung by Rick Hopkins
Out On The Seas by Darryl Chute
You Know My Name by Keith Cullen
Since September by Vevie

Vegas Nerve - Crows Nest (2019)

Sunshine by Shirley B
The Cormorant by Don Yates 2017
Vegas Nerve - Fine Line
Piano solo by Peter Holt

The Parachutes - Crows Nest (2019)

Don't You Mess With My Koala by Kayla Jean
Phytoplankton by Don Yates 2019
Our Hymns by Grant Nisbet
Whispering Grass performed by Dan McVey
Vegas Nerve - Lila CD
Vintage Model Baby by Jennifer Lees 2017
Smart White Folk 2016 by
Samantha Graham & Darryl Chute
Missing You by Peter Hedman 1990
Peace By Piece by Darryl Chute
& Susanne Freeman

1986 original recording with lyrics

Six Degrees - Centennial Park 2010
Remind Me by Vegas Nerve 2016
Graeme Clark - Vihuela
Who Can't Get  Emotional
(bout this thing called love)

by Patricia Turner & Darryl Chute 2016
Yama Komichi by Donzarra
Can't Wait til Christmas Day performed by Kerri-Anne Kennerley 1987
Blue Sky City - a song for Sydney
Alison the Musical 2007
Yama Komichi by Donzarra 1995
Spinning Around from Alison the Musical
Peace By Piece on Clive Robertson's Newsworld 1987 Mike Mathieson
We Don't Have To Talk by Darryl Chute
Another Teardrop on 1987 Midday Show performed by Mike Mathieson
The Sport of Kings by Darryl Chute
Alison the Musical by Darryl Chute
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