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Phone: Sydney, Australia
0467 541 281

What is it?

Ever wished you could hear your parents or grandparents telling you some of their greatest memories in their own voice? With today's technology you can leave a professionally recorded legacy for future generations. 


What is the procedure?

First of all there must be a willing participant happy to come to our recording studio built on top of our home in Randwick looking down to Coogee beach. Darryl (recording engineer and music teacher) and his wife Patricia (nurse and life coach) will make your mum or dad feel comfortable and relaxed so they can tell "their story" in their own words of the fondest memories of their life. Patricia will conduct the interview according to a set programme that can be reviewed at home before hand. 


General overview of interview

The interview programme includes -

  • Early childhood

  • School days

  • Career moves

  • Romance, marriage, raising a family

  • Later life, advice, sing a song, tell a joke

How long will this take?

The interview will be held in Fountainhead Studio at Dolphin House, 26 Judge St, Randwick (second street down Coogee Bay Rd). Your mum or dad will be in the studio for about 2 hours. 

What do I get?

A USB with the resulting interview saved as an mp3 file.

How much will this cost?

For Patricia to interview and Darryl to record will be a total of $400 for the two hrs.

Frequently asked questions

Can we have both mum and dad interviewed at the same time?

Sorry no - we have found to keep the integrity of the product interviews are best conducted on a one to one basis.


How accessible is your studio?

There are 12 steps leading to the front door of our home, and a further 20 from the lounge to the studio.

Phone: 0467 541 281

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