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This album began in 2013 after discovering that poems by A.A. Milne had been set to music by H. Fraser-Simson.  Most of the songs recorded by me are from the book of poems, “When We Were Very Young” and a few from “Now We are Six” by A.A. Milne.


The poems by A.A. Milne were written for both children and adults with the intention of finding the 'child' within each reader.


The piano accompaniments conjure up images of zoo animals such as camels walking on wibbly-wobbly legs.  You can hear a beetle escaping from a matchbox and the sound of soldiers marching.    


The chanting rhythms, the rhyming, and the imaginary animals are fun for children.  This CD also provides soft, sleepy-time music to go to bed with (turned down low or “Buckingham Palace” may be too loud).


Marching, hopping, walking, or skipping to the rhythms of a story song makes an enjoyable and satisfying activity for children.  Adults will enjoy re-visiting their childhood especially if they were familiar with the books of A.A. Milne. Involvement by the adult is the key to incorporating these rhythms, rhymes, and imaginative language into the child's experience.



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Halfway Up The Stairs - Helen Williams
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