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Before drum machines and computers there was the four track reel to reel tape recorder. Make a mistake and you had to do it again. No editing available. Darryl spent the summer of 1981 in a hot music room in East Maitland NSW recording this album of original songs.

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After achieving his Diploma in Music Education at Newcastle Conservatorium Darryl taught classroom music at Singleton, NSW from 1979-1982. He formed bands, a school orchestra, put on musicals and concerts.  


After the recording project In The Smoke he resigned and took up a similar position at St Leo's College Wahroonga in Sydney. 


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As the classroom music teacher at St Leo's College in Wahroonga Darryl teamed up with Angela Martin for the Blades rock musical project. Below are the videos of the school's performance. 

St Leo's College 1984 - Act 1

St Leo's College 1984 - Act 2

St Leo's College 1984 - Photo collection

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Darryl teamed up with Susanne Freeman to write and record the Kissing Point Road project. Most of the material was recorded on a 4 track reel to reel tape machine and featured a Roland TR707 drum machine and Juno 106 synthesizer.  


One of the songs 'Peace By Piece' became very popular during 1986 - the International Year of Peace.

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1989   REEL TO REAL 1

Fountainhead recording studio really took off in the late 80s. Ex-students and new clients from the local rock press adverts mean't a plethora of characters, songwriters and musicians, recorded in the Hornsby studio.


Some of the more professional outcomes were collated into the Reel to Real projects.

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1989    REEL TO REAL 2

The wonderful success of the Reel to Real 1 mean't we had to do a follow up.

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1991    DONZARRA


In 1991 Darryl teamed up with good friend and brilliant saxophonist Don Wright. Together they spent a lot of time (maybe a year) writing and recording the Donzarra project - instrumental music of many genres.

It was a lot of fun and took the Fountainhead eight track tape machine combining with early computer technology to the limit.

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Original piano compositions by Darryl. Some arranged, some improvised on the spot. Recorded in Oct 2003.


After the huge effort of the Donzarra project it was decided a record some simple piano solos. The process was very fast with very few takes.

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Open Sans is a friendly font with open letters, that looks just as good on mobile as it does on desktop.

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2009-13   SIX DEGREES


In July 2009 Darryl got together talented young lads from his private music lessons and formed the jazz rock group Six Degrees. Four stayed together until late 2013.


The band played many gigs all over Sydney. Click the photo to hear the 2012 recording session and more pics. A lot more info available on the band's webpage - click here

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Originally an album of soothing Christmas carols for your pet dog (yes, it was actually shown on Australian morning TV) morphing into Baby's First Christmas.

Friends of new parents would send Darryl a photo of their new born bub and it made the cover of the CD. The idea went quite well every Christmas until CDs became old technology and "online" became the norm.

Click above to hear the album. 


From 2014 to 2021 Darryl mentored the music group Vegas Nerve.


Lila is the resulting album of original songs written by members of the band and recorded in Darryl's Randwick studio - Fountainhead.

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